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How to Choose a Listing Agent in Phoenixville or Chester County, PA

Choosing a listing agent can be a challenge. You want to make sure that you sell your home quickly, with no drama, for the highest price you can get. While the internet has helped people learn more about real estate, it has also opened the door to a plethora of listing agents who may not be the best (or the best for you). There are a number of things you should consider:

Do they Know the Neighborhood?

Some so-called listing agents are nothing more than websites that post long lists of homes for sale across the city or even the country. Not only do you want a listing agent who has sold many homes, but you also want one who has sold homes in your town or neighborhood. They don’t need to just know the selling points for your home, they need to know the selling points for your location.

Do the Listing Agent Suggest a Range of Prices?

One very common mistake is to choose the listing agent who prices your home the highest. This is often the listing agent who is over-pricing your home.

Good agents will give not a specific figure, but a range of prices, allowing room for negotiation with buyers. They will suggest a starting price, but also talk about when and whether the price needs to go down. The price should be comparable with other prices in the area (this is, thankfully, easy enough to check).

Is Their Commission Competitive?

There’s a lot of competition on price in every business nowadays. If an agent seems suspiciously cheap, then the chances are they are not going to offer you the service you need. They may be desperate for business, or newer and less qualified.

You can sometimes get a legitimate discount. For example, many agents will give you a good deal if you also buy your new home for them. They might also give a small discount in return for referrals, or if you are helping with marketing. A higher commission or fee might also indicate a higher advertising budget, which can help you sell your home quickly.

What Will They Do to Market Your Home?

Marketing is your agent’s job. It’s the thing that they are doing so you don’t have to. Ask them about their marketing plan. A good agent will put together a specific marketing plan for your home. This should include professional signage, broker and office previews, digital targeted marketing, staging advice, photographs, and virtual tours, etc.

While marketing might vary from place to place, your agent should be willing to go through the plan and explain why they are, or are not, doing a specific thing. (For example, some HOAs disallow for sale signs, and the agent may have to come up with an alternative). Good photos and virtual tours are vital these days.

Are They Experienced Selling Your Type of Home?

This is particularly important if you are selling a condo; make sure that your agent has sold condos in the past, as they sometimes require different marketing. This is also important if you are selling an investment property. This doesn’t mean the agent has to specialize, just have experience.

Are You Comfortable With The Listing Agent?

Particularly if they are also helping you buy your next house, your agent will be somebody you spend a good amount of time with. You want to feel comfortable with them; some experts even liken it to dating because of the commitment. In some circumstances, you may also need the agent to show your home while you are not present (although this should be avoided), and you certainly want to feel they are on your side and somebody you like having in your home and around your family. If they aren’t getting on with you, will they get on with your prospective buyer?

Finding a Listing Agent in Phoenixville or Chester County

There are a number of advantages with going with a small, boutique agency, and those include high levels of local and insider knowledge and increased time dedicated to each listing. Trish has the neighborhood knowledge and experience you need in Phoenixville or Chester County. Contact Signature Properties Group today to find out how she can help you sell your home.

Real Reviews from Real Clients - Check out Zillow Profile

Zillow user Jamisonrp

Sold a Roxborough home in 2017

"Trish is amazing! Trish was my agent when I bought my home in Philadelphia, so of course I went to her when I was ready to sell. Despite an election and the holidays, she was able to have my house sold by the time frame I needed to move. Trish was always helpful with guiding me through the  process of paperwork, staging my house, and even went to my closing for me because I was out of town. She was always professional and incredibly knowledgeable about the market, comps, and finding appropriate potential buyers."

Zillow user Radcliffe Beverly

Sold a Phoenixville home in 2015

"Trish Puleo exceeded my expectations during the process of selling a home that was part of an estate. Since I was out of state, she offered to check on items and secured vendors to fix some repairs that were needed. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough. She followed up on all showings  and got answers to questions from potential buyers even when I did not know the answer. I felt she always had my back especially with the settlement process since I was not planning on attending. I would highly recommend making Trish your partner in getting a house sold." 

Zillow user Abjkl

Bought a Phoenixville home in 2017

"We were first time home buyers who underestimated the details of what on the surface seemed to be a standard, as in everyone has the same forms and procedures and ethics, home buying process. Trish is an experienced  professional who brought with her calm sensibilities, timely and accurate communication, and complete knowledge of the requirements, timelines and paperwork. She was reassuring, helpful and on our side when we needed it most! Only wish we would have included her the moment we decided to buy a house!"

Zillow user Applescriptguru

Bought and sold a Phoenixville home

"Trish is an excellent realtor and property manager. She’s friendly, professional, honest, dependable, responsive, and knows the Phoenixville area intimately. We’ve been extremely happy with her services, and will recommend her to anyone."

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