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Woman sitting on her working area with chalkboard wall as DIY home decor

10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas for Your Fixer-Upper – Pt 2

6) Get Creative with a Chalkboard Wall (Magnets are a Plus!) Chalkboard paint is one of the coolest DIY trends of the last five years. With a few coats of ...
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Smiling young woman painting a cabinet for her DIY home decor

10 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas for Your Fixer-Upper – Pt 1

Buying a home to DIY can be a delight if rolling up your sleeves to wield paintbrush and hammer sounds like a dream weekend for you. Getting into DIY home decor, there are ...
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Annoyed young couple talking with their seller's agent at office

7 Warning Signs Your Seller’s Agent Isn’t a Good Fit

In business, there are times when an employee isn't the right fit, and it's better to let them go and find the right person to fill that role. This same ...
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Four Reasons Why You Should Always Tour a Home With Your Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will represent you when you are ready to buy a home. Real estate agents are trained professionals who must qualify for a state license to represent buyers ...
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House Hunting in the Winter: 6 Tricks to Find the Perfect Place

Winter has always been an excellent time to buy a home, from a market point of view. Officially, the winter is the "slow" season for real estate. What this means ...
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How to Buy a New Home While Selling in a Crowded Real Estate Market

Right now, buying a house is a highly competitive market. Buyers are eager to bid on any home that comes available on the market. Rapid and ambitious bidding can quickly move homes out of ...
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Can Real Estate Agents Help You Find Homes With Highly Rated Schools?

Ask a real estate agent about schools, and you might get nothing more than a pained smile and a school-information website or two. Your agent isn't purposely giving you the run-around. Certain ...
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7 Tips on How to Choose and Buy a House During Harsh Winter Weather

Winter is a great time to buy a house. With the holidays approaching, it's easier for you to find a home you can afford before your budget is blown by ...
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Home Flipping: Restoring Homes in a Low-Inventory Housing Market

Multi-million-dollar mansions, there just aren't enough houses for the number of people looking to buy or rent. This is the result of a SNAFU of past circumstances. Under-development in previous ...
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The Quick Handbook for Buying an HOA Home

Right now, about one-fourth of single-family homes are in HOA neighborhoods. When buying a home, there's a good chance that your dream opportunity will be in an HOA. How do ...
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